Ampersand completed acquisition of Chasm Falls hydroelectric station

February 27, 2015, Chateaugay, NY: Ampersand Hydro LLC (“AHL”) has closed its acquisition of the 1.6 MW Chasm Falls hydroelectric power generating station located near the Village of Malone, NY. AHL now controls and operates 12 hydroelectric stations across the Northeastern US totaling 20.9 MW, with one additional station under development.

The Chasm Falls hydroelectric project was put in operation in 1983 and consists of two turbine/generator sets with a combined installed capacity of 1,600 kW, a 1931-built stone constructed powerhouse, two synchronous generators, an intake structure, and a concrete gravity dam.

“This scenic site is impressive also in its steady output, up-to-date generating equipment, and record of diligent project operation and maintenance”, Lutz Loegters, Director of Business Development, noted. Ian Chow, Chasm Falls’ designated project manager, is excited about the station’s prospects, stating “we are happy to be able to make use of the local operator’s project specific experience and keen to roll out our automation plans after spring run-off has ended”. Local operating staff will be supported by Ampersand’s recently acquired New York based operations company, Ampersand New York Operations Co. (“ANYOC”).

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